Simple Assessment Method to Estimate the Remaining Moment Capacity of Corroded I-Beam Sections


1 Department of Civil Engineering,Razi Metallurgical Research Center

2 Department of Civil Engineering,Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman


Corrosion of steel structures is a serious problem throughout the world. The most
signi cant consequence of corrosion is reduction of the section size. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in
the carrying capacity and structural safety. The analysis of existing structures may di er from the analysis
of structures under design, especially if there is damage by corrosion. Common examples of corrosion
that have been found in the petro-chemical industry include the loss of sections in
anges and holes in the
web. As there is no clear provision of recommendations for such cases in the present codes, there is a need
for simple assessment methods to deal with them e ectively. The overall aim of this paper is to develop
a simple method which can be used to make reliable estimates of the remaining moment capacity, using
thickness loss information provided by visual inspection or measurements. The results of this study can
be used for calculating the remaining service life, such as the moment capacity of deteriorated I-beams.