Adaptive Behavior of Double Concave Friction Pendulum Bearing and its Advantages over Friction Pendulum Systems


Department of Civil Engineering,Amirkabir University of Technology


Double Concave Friction Pendulum (DCFP) bearing is a new generation of friction isolator
that contains two separate concave sliding surfaces with di erent properties. Accommodating enhanced
performance, compared to the Friction Pendulum System (FPS), is one of the most important bene ts
of DCFP. Herein, the seismic behavior of structures isolated by DCFP bearings is compared with the
response of the same buildings using the FPS bearing. Accordingly, a series of nonlinear dynamic
analyses are carried out under ensembles of ground motions at three di erent hazard levels (SLE, DBE and
MCE). Moreover, the adaptive behavior of DCFP and its advantages in protecting secondary systems is
investigated. The probability of exceedance curves of peak roof acceleration, peak inter-story drift and peak
isolator displacement is compared for two types of isolation system. The result supports the advantages
of DCFP isolation systems.