Pseudo-Dynamic Active Earth Pressure Analysis of Inclined Retaining Walls Using Horizontal Slices Method


Department of Engineering,Tarbiat Modares University


Retaining walls may be constructed with an inclination angle of less than 90from the
horizontal axis. In the present study, using the horizontal slices method and limit equilibrium principles,
in addition to assuming variation of the seismic coecient with height, a new formulation is proposed
to calculate the active seismic pressure on retaining walls. The general arrangement of the proposed
pseudo-dynamic formulation allows analysis of inclined or vertical retaining walls in frictional, cohesive
and cohesive-frictional soils. Results from the proposed method were compared with those of previous
researchers under similar conditions and showed a negligible di erence. The horizontal slices method was
able to assess an inclined wall, determine the active earth pressure distribution at di erent points along
the wall height and consider the angle of failure wedge as a variable in the time domain. The ndings show
that despite the accepted assumptions for conventional vertical walls the distribution of earth pressure on
an inclined wall follows a non-linear pattern at each moment.