E ect of Anti-Vortex Plates on Critical Submergence at a Vertical Intake


1 Department of Civil Engineering,Sharif University of Technology

2 Department of Civil Engineering,Isfahan University of Technology


One of the sources of disturbance at intakes is the occurrence of free-surface vortices with
an air core. The most common solution for avoiding air-entrainment is the use of anti-vortex devices
and, especially, plates for large pipe or shaft intakes. If plates are used, then, the geometry and position
of them should be studied experimentally. Since only general guidance for use of plates is available, a
study for the more precise placement of plates is needed. Hence, a comprehensive set of experiments have
been carried out using rectangular plates with di erent dimensions and at various positions with respect
to the vertical outlet pipe intakes and two di erent pipe diameters (D = 75 and 100 mm). The results
of critical submergence with respect to the dimensions and positions of the plates are presented as graphs
and equations. Thus, design guides and recommendations are provided.