Ductility of High Strength Concrete Heavily Steel Reinforced Members


1 Department of Civil Engineering,Razi Metallurgical Research Center

2 Department of Civil Engineering,Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman


Abstract. The nature of High Strength Concrete, HSC, is brittle failure and although the behavior of
reinforced concrete beams heavily steel reinforced are increased in strength, the ductility, which is important
in seismic regions, is in question. In other words, such beams, while consisting of HSC, are more brittle.
In this paper, the
exural ductility of such members, with a variation in compressive reinforcement, is
investigated. Six heavily reinforced High Strength Concrete, HSC, beams, with di erent percentages of 
and 0, were cast and incrementally loaded under bending. During the test, the strain on the concrete
middle face and on the tension and compression bars as well as the de
ection at di erent points of the
span length were measured up to failure. Based on the results obtained, the curvature, displacement and
rotation ductility of the HSC members are more deeply reviewed. A comparison between theoretical and
experimental results are also reported here. Generally, it was concluded that for heavily steel reinforced
HSC beams, the displacement ductility for singly reinforced beams is too close to the doubly reinforced