Uniform Hazard Response Spectra and Ground Motions for Tabriz


1 Department of Civil Engineering,Sharif University of Technology

2 Department of Civil Engineering,International Energy Foundation


Abstract. Tabriz has experienced several large destructive historical earthquakes in the past. Due
to the absence of ground motion records in this area, a simulation of future events based on a regional
seismicity information and ground motion model is necessary. Based on a maximum likelihood method,
earthquake magnitude is estimated for a 10% probability of exceedance within 50 years (475-year return
period) and its corresponding strong ground motions have been simulated using stochastic nite fault
modeling. Using di erent stress parameters, suites of ground motions have been simulated for a return
period of 475 years and their spectral accelerations have been compared with the corresponding uniform
hazard spectrum. It is observed that the t between simulated spectra and its corresponding uniform hazard
spectrum has been improved including the directivity e ect especially at high periods.