Stability Analysis of a Window-Based High-Speed Hierarchical Rate Allocation Algorithm


Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,Isfahan University of Technology


Providing the stability of any rate allocation algorithm is a challenging issue in current high-speed
networks. Some researchers, such as Kelly, Massoulie, Vinnicombe and Johari, have shown
the stability of their rate-based rate allocation algorithms using di erent approaches. Some
other researchers have investigated the stability of the second-order, rate-based, rate allocation
algorithms under some simplifying constraints. Mo et al. have proved the stability of the rstorder,
window-based rate allocation algorithms, using control theory concepts, for a wide range
of fairness criteria. In the current work, the stability property of a second-order, high-speed
and window-based rate allocation strategy has been investigated using the Lyapunov approach.
Simulation results verify the stability of the proposed method under a general network scenario.