Direct Design of Branched Ducts


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering,Khajeh Nasire Toosi University of Technology

2 Department of Aerospace Engineering,Sharif University of Technology

3 Department of Aerospace Engineering,I.P.M.


Abstract. A fully coupled formulation of thermo-
uid shape design problems has recently been
developed in which the unknown nodal coordinates appear explicitly in the formulation of the problem.
This direct design" approach is, in principle, generally applicable and has been successfully applied in the
context of potential and Euler
ow models.This paper focuses on the direct design of ducts using the ideal

ow model and may be considered as an addendum to the paper entitled Direct Design of Ducts" [1].
However, a cell-vertex nite volume method is used and a di erent boundary condition implementation
technique is applied, as compared to the method presented in the previous paper. The other new feature
is that a non-linear algebraic method is used for grid generation. The method is also proved to be capable
of designing complex
ow passages, such as branched ducts.