Parametric Study of Hot Rolling Process by the Finite Element Method


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Khajeh Nasire Toosi University of Technology


Abstract. In the present investigation, a hot rolling process of AA5083 aluminum alloy is simulated.
The approach is based on the thermo-mechanical analysis of the problem using the Finite Element Method
(FEM). The temperature distribution in the roll and the slab, the stress, strain and strain rate elds, are
extracted throughout a transient analysis of the process. The main hypotheses adopted in the formulation
are: The thermo-viscoplastic behavior of the material, expressed by the Perzyna constitutive equation and
rolling under plane-deformation conditions. The main variables that characterize the rolling process, such
as the geometry of the slab, load, rolling speed, percentage of thickness reduction, initial thickness of the
slab and friction coecient, have been expressed in a parametric form, giving good
exibility to the model.
The congruence of the results has been evaluated using experimental and theoretical data available in the