Simulation of Turbulent Flow Through Porous Media Employing a v2f Model


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


Abstract. In this article, a v2f model is employed to conduct a series of computations of incompressible

ow in a periodic array of square cylinders simulating a porous media. A Galerkin/least-squares nite
element formulation employing equal order velocity-pressure elements is used to discretize the governing
equations. The Reynolds number is varied from 1000 to 84,000 and di erent values of porosities are
considered in the calculations. Results are compared to the available data in the literature. The v2f model
exhibits superior accuracy with respect to k????" results and is closer to LES calculations. The macroscopic
pressure gradients for all porosities studied showed a good agreement with Forchheimer-extended Darcy's
law in the range of large Reynolds numbers.