The E ect of Wake Flow and Skew Angle on the Ship Propeller Performance


Department of Marine Technology,Amirkabir University of Technology


Abstract. This paper provides an investigation into the in
uence of wake and skew on a ship propeller
performance, based on the potential Boundary Element Method (BEM). Two types of in
ow wake from a
ship (i.e. Seiun-Maru and MS689) have been investigated for two propeller types; a Conventional Propeller
(CP) and a Highly Skewed Propeller (HSP). The computed results include pressure distribution, open
water characteristics and thrust
uctuation for one blade and for all blades of the propeller. Calculations
of the unsteady pressure distributions, thrust and torque are in good agreement with experimental data.
In addition, the e ect of propeller skew angle on the performance of thrust and torque, is investigated.