Free Vibration Analysis of Rotating Laminated Cylindrical Shells Under Di erent Boundary Conditions Using a Combination of the Layerwise Theory and Wave Propagation Approach


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


Abstract. In this paper, vibration analysis of rotating laminated composite cylindrical shells using
a combination of the layerwise theory and wave propagation approach is investigated. This combination
enables us to study all the conventional boundary conditions in our analysis. Results obtained have been
compared with those available in the literature and a good agreement has been observed. In contrast
to the Equivalent Single Layer theories (ESL), the layerwise theory is constructed on the basis of C0-
continuity through the laminate thickness. For the surface of the shell, a displacement eld based on
the wave propagation approach is proposed. The e ect of Coriolis and centrifugal accelerations on the
circumferential and longitudinal modes is investigated. At high rotational speeds, the stationary frequency
is smaller than both the forward and backward frequencies and this di erence increases with the increase
of rotational speed. The in
uence of boundary conditions on the frequencies is more signi cant at lower
circumferential modes but at higher modes the e ect of the boundary condition is in nitesimal.