Design of a Mathematical Model to Minimize Air Pollution Caused by Job Trips in Mega Cities


1 Faculty of Engineering,University of Tehran

2 Department of Science,University of Tehran

3 Department of Mechanical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology

4 School of Energy Engineering,Azad University


Abstract. Urban transportation is one of the main sources of air pollution in mega cities, and urban
job related trips can e ectively in
uence the state of air quality. Tehran, the capital of Iran, with a
population of 7.3 million, was selected for this study. The present model is designed to investigate the
e ect on trac of the business working hours of di erent occupations and, as a result, on the status of
air pollution. Daily job, non-job and recreational trips using the present vehicle
eet is a major factor
a ecting air pollution in Tehran. In the context of the present study, the necessary information was
utilized to de ne some relations between job trips and pollutant emissions. The result showed that a
proper adjustment of opening hours for di erent jobs can result in a reduction of pollutant emissions by
as much as 20% during daily trac peak hours.