Formulation and Numerical Solution of Robot Manipulators in Point-to-Point Motion with Maximum Load Carrying Capacity


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Iran University of Science and Technology


Abstract. In this paper, a formulation is developed for obtaining the optimal trajectory of robot
manipulators to maximize the load carrying capacity for a given point-to-point task. The presented method
is based on open loop optimal control. The indirect approach is employed to derive optimality conditions
based on Pontryagin's Minimum Principle. The obtained necessary conditions for optimality lead to a
two-point boundary-value problem solved via a multiple shooting method with the BVP4C command in
. Since the carrying payload is one of the system parameters, a computational algorithm is
developed, which provides the capability of calculating the maximum payload for a point-to-point task. The
main advantage of this method is obtaining various optimal trajectories with di erent maximum payloads
and path characteristics by changing the penalty matrices values. To demonstrate the eciency of the
proposed method and algorithm in obtaining the maximum payload trajectory, simulation is performed on
a two-link manipulator.