Simulation of a Density Current Turbulent Flow Employing Di erent RANS Models: A Comparison Study


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


Abstract. The accuracy of Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) turbulence models to predict
the behavior of 2-D density currents has been examined. In this work, a steady density current is simulated
by the k ???? ", k ???? " RNG, two-layer k ???? " and modi ed 2 ???? f model, all of which are compared with the
experimental data. Density currents, with a uniform velocity and concentration, enter a channel via a
sluice gate into a lighter ambient
uid and move forward down-slope. The eddy-viscosity concept cannot
accurately simulate this
ow because of two stress production structures found within it. Results show
that all isotropic models have a weak outcome on this current, but by improving the ability of the models,
the results will improve.