Modeling of Metal-Mold Interface Resistance in the Al-11.5 wt% Si Alloy Casting Process


Department of Materials Science and Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


In this investigation, a computational model has been developed, including heat transfer and
the e ects of the resistance of a metal-mold interface and pressure, for simulation of the
solidi cation process. Simulation of the interface resistance is based on the Zero Thickness
Element (ZTE), utilizing the Finite Element Method (FEM). Solid boundary conditions, including
contact resistances, have been modi ed by a pressure gradient in each of the ZTE. The pressure
gradient has been modeled, based on experimental data. In order to verify the computational
results, an Al-11.5 wt% Si alloy was poured into a permanent mold and the temperature of
the interface was measured by a data acquisition system. Then, the e ect of metalo-static
pressure on overall heat transfer in the interface resistance was modeled. Comparison between
the experimental and simulation results during the solidi cation process shows a good consistency,
which con rms the accuracy of the model for the e ects of interface resistance on solidi cation