Maximum Dynamic Load Carrying Capacity of a 6UPS-Stewart Platform Manipulator


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Iran University of Science and Technology


In this paper, a computational method for obtaining the maximum Dynamic Load Carrying
Capacity (DLCC) for the 6-UPS Stewart platform manipulator is developed. In this paper, the
manipulator is assumed to be non-rigid and the joint actuator torque capacity and accuracy
of motion are considered major limiting factors in determining the maximum payload. The
maximum dynamic payload carrying capacity of the manipulator is established, while the dynamic
model of a typical hydraulic actuator system is used in the joint actuator force capacity for a given
trajectory. The
exibility of the manipulator is assumed to be eventuated from the manipulator's
exibility. According to the high complexity of the dynamic equations system of the
joints parallel manipulators, the e ects of the
exibility of the prismatic joints are considered in
a static situation to show the considerable e ects of the joint's
exibility on the motion accuracy
of the 6UPS-Stewart platform. This method can be used for determining the maximum dynamic
payload, which acts as an end-e ector for the mechanical design of the manipulator and the
optimized selection of the actuator, such as machine tools, based on the hexapod mechanism.