Principal Color and its Application to Color Image Segmentation


1 Department of Computer Science and Engineering,Sharif University of Technology

2 Department of Mathematical Sciences,Sharif University of Technology


Color image segmentation is a primitive operation in many image processing and computer
vision applications. Accordingly, there exist numerous segmentation approaches in the literature,
which might be misleading for a researcher who is looking for a practical algorithm. While many
researchers are still using the tools which belong to the old color space paradigm, there is evidence
in the research established in the eighties that a proper descriptor of color vectors should act
locally in the color domain. In this paper, these results are used to propose a new color image
segmentation method. The proposed method searches for the principal colors, de ned as the
intersections of the cylindrical representations of homogeneous blocks of the given image. As
such, rather than using the noisy individual pixels, which may contain many outliers, the proposed
method uses the linear representation of homogeneous blocks of the image. The paper includes
comprehensive mathematical discussion of the proposed method and experimental results to
show the eciency of the proposed algorithm.