Comprehensive Simulation of Surface Texture for an End-Milling Process


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


The analysis and simulation of the manufacturing process require extensive and complicated
computations. Nowadays, computer resources and computational algorithms have reached the
stage where they can model and simulate the problem eciently. One of the important processes
in manufacturing is machining. In this research, the end-milling process, which is one of the most
complex and widespread processes in machining, is chosen. The most important parameters in
end-milling are surface roughness and surface location errors. Comprehensive simulation software
is developed to model the end-milling process, in order to anticipate the nishing parameters, such
as surface roughness and errors. The proposed algorithm takes into account cutting conditions,
such as feed, doc, woc and tool run out etc. In addition, the dynamic simulation module
of the software can accurately model the
exible end-mill tool, the milling cutting forces and
regeneration of the waviness e ects, in order to construct a realistic surface texture model.
The software can accurately determine the most commonly used index of surface roughness
parameters, such as Ra, P.T.V. and surface errors.