Numerical Simulation of Free-Surface Waves and Wave Induced Separation


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering,Clarkson University


The present study is concerned with the numerical simulation of free-surface waves and wave
induced separation in the presence of an intrusion. The results of several simulations are reported.
The rst study was performed for a NACA0024 surface piercing hydrofoil over a range of several
Froude numbers (0.19, 0.37, 0.55), along with wave breaking at Fr = 1.0 The NACA0024 foil was
of particular interest, as it almost has no separation at large depths; thus the e ect of the freesurface
wave and the wave induced separation could be studied. Free- surface waves and wave
induced separation results were evaluated and compared with both the available experimental
data and the previous numerical results. The wave breaking
ow was also successfully simulated
and results were presented. The second series of simulations were carried out for a circular cylinder
in order to investigate the shape e ects on the wave-induced separation. Results suggest that,
at high Froude numbers, the free-surface waves are a function of Froude and not the shape of a
body. Flow features with regard to separation, free-surface elevations and drag coecients were
also studied.