Investigation of the E ect of Pad Geometry on Flat and Rounded Fretting Fatigue


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


In this paper, the e ect of geometrical parameters on the fretting fatigue of a half-plane in contact
with a
at and rounded pad is studied. This is accomplished by calculating and comparing the
stress states and stress intensity factors of fretting cracks for a number of pad geometries. The
pad geometry is represented by the radius of its rounded corners and the width of its central
part. The distribution of dislocation method is employed to calculate the stress intensity factors
of fretting induced cracks of di erent lengths for di erent values of geometrical parameters. The
results of this study can be insightful for improving the geometrical design of an aero-engine
compressor disk, as similar contact and damage are prone to occur in its dovetail region.