Thermal Behavior of Alkaline Lead Acetate, a Study of Thermogravimetry and Di erential Scanning Calorimetry


Institute of Water and Energy,Sharif University of Technology


The compound, alkaline lead acetate, Pb(CH3COO)2
:PbO:H2O (ALA), was purchased from the
Fluka Company. The X-ray di raction lm and SEM electron microgaph of this compound
were obtained and reported in this paper for the rst time. The thermal behavior of alkaline
lead acetate (ALA) was studied using thermogravimetery (TGA) and Di erential Scanning
Calorimetery (DSC) techniques under an O2 gas atmosphere from 25 to 600C. Four distinct
energy changes associated with weight changes were observed, all of them being exothermic in
the DSC results. The amount of H for each peak is reported.