Determination of Traces of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxy Acetic Acid in Environmental Samples


Department of Chemistry,Shiraz University


drop electrode in aqueous media and in the presence of Britton-Robinson bu er as the electrolyte.
In this study, the electroinactive 2,4-D was rst converted to electroactive nitrated 2,4-D.
Subsequent determination was carried out by di erential pulse polarography. Under optimum
conditions (pH = 11;  = 90 mV s????1; modulation amplitude = 120 mV), the relative standard
deviation was 4.5% and limit of detection in terms of nitrated 2,4-D was 5 g L????1 (1:8810????8 M)
with linear concentration range from 8 to 300 g L????1(310????8 ????1:1210????6M). The proposed
method o ered high sensitivity as well as good selectivity. A mechanistic study, showed fourelectron
reduction of nitrated 2,4-D to its hydroxylamine derivative. The proposed method was,
also, applied to the determination of 2,4-D in environmental samples such as soil samples.