Mathematical Modeling of a Cross Flow Conveyor Belt Dryer


Department of Chemical Engineering,Iran University of Science and Technology


The drying of solids in a cross
ow conveyor belt dryer (continuous operation system), in which
particles (thin-layer) move in a wire net conveyor, was theoretically studied. A mathematical
modeling that considers the in
uence of bed porosity and transient terms in the drying process
was developed and the changes in bed porosity and product density with the moisture content of
seeds have been considered. Also, to have a more accurate model, some changes have been made
to the speci c surface of the seed. The nite volume method was used to solve, numerically, the
governing conservation equations. The results of the moisture content of the material (yellow
corn kernel), residence time and conveyor length are presented and analyzed in order to modify
the model, according to bed porosity, product density and the speci c surface changes of the
seed. This model can predict humidity ratio, the temperature of air, moisture content and the
temperature of the material throughout the drying process.