Potentiometric Chromate Quanti cation Based on Interaction with N, N' Butylen Bis (Saliciliden Iminato) Copper (II)


1 Department of Chemistry,University of Yazd

2 Department of Chemistry,University of Kashan


A new chromate-selective electrode, based on the N, N' butylen bis (saliciliden iminato) copper
(II) complex as the membrane carrier, was developed. The electrode exhibited a good Nernstian
slope of ????28:8  0:5 mV/decade and a linear range of 3:0  10????6 ???? 1:0  10????1 mol.L????1 for
chromate. The limit of detection was 3:0  10????6 mol.L????1. It had a fast response time of 5-10
sec and could be used for more than three months. The selective coecients were determined
by the Fixed Interference Method (FIM). A chromate-selective electrode could be used in the
pH range of 6.5-10.5. It was employed as an indicator electrode for the direct determination of
chromate in real samples.