A Fuzzy Intelligent Information Agent Architecture for Supply Chains


Department of Industrial Engineering,Amirkabir University of Technology


Through the emergence of information and communication technologies and customer-oriented
approaches in business and industry, for achieving competitive advantages and in order to remain
at the top in every business, more
exible and responsive supply chain systems are required.
The next generation of supply chain systems must be agile, adaptive, cooperative, integrated
exible. Agent-based supply chain management is an approach that addresses the next
generation of supply chain system features. This paper focuses on the role of an information
agent in agent-based supply chain management within an uncertain environment. For this
purpose, a proper modular architecture for the information agent, based on fuzzy theory, is
proposed. Here, the knowledge-based module in the architecture is fuzzy rules. The system is
used for updating forecasted values and implementing customer commitment in a proper manner.
Finally, the proposed architecture is tested and veri ed and the results of the developed approach
are discussed.