Three-Dimensional Data Transfer Operators in Plasticity Using SPR Technique with C0, C1 and C2 Continuity


1 Department of Civil Engineering,University of Tehran

2 Department of Civil Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


In this paper, the data transfer operators are developed in three-dimensional elasto-plasticity
using the Superconvergent Patch Recovery (SPR) method. The transfer operators are de ned
for mapping of the state and internal variables between di erent meshes. The internal variables
are transferred from Gauss points of old mesh to the nodal points. The variables are then
transferred from the nodal points of old mesh to the nodal points of new mesh. Finally, the values
are computed at the Gauss points of new mesh using their values at the nodal points. Aspects
of the transfer operators are presented in a three-dimensional superconvergent path recovery
technique, based on C0, C1 and C2 continuity. Finally, the eciency of the computational
algorithms is demonstrated using a circular tube subjected to internal pressure.