Investigation into Some Parameters A ecting Pectin Gel Quality


Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


In this research, gel production from the extracted pectin gel of shahroud sugar beet pulp has
been investigated. The pectin extractions were performed in a cold alkaline solution and a
hot acid solution, respectively. The e ects of di erent parameters, such as percent of sugar,
pectin concentration, calcium content and quantity of peroxidase enzyme, hardness and content
of water absorbed by the gel, were studied. Optimum conditions for production of favorable
gel, from extracted pectin in this research are, as follows: Percent of sugar (glucose): 15%,
peroxidase enzyme content: (pectin unit) 170 pu
g of pectin , pectin concentration (if only gel water
uptake is important): 10%, pectin content (if only strength and hardness of gel are important):
15%, calcium content (if only gel water uptake is important): 60 mg CaCl2
g of pectin and calcium content
(if only gel uptake strength is important): 80 mg CaCl2
g of pectin . Simultaneous application of peroxidase
enzyme and hydrogen peroxide as oxidizing agents, besides calcium, glucose and suitable content
of LM (Low Methoxyl) pectin, resulted in interesting properties and a decrease in gel formation
time from \5 minutes - 24 hours", to \15 - 20 seconds" and a favorable increase in gel strength.