Performance Analysis of Per Tone Equalization in DMT-Based Systems


Department of Electrical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


The Per Tone equalization algorithm is a novel discrete multitone(DMT) equalization method with practical applications in subscriber digital loop systems. Unlike time domain DMT equalizers (TEQ), which equalize all DMT tones in a combined fashion, the Per Tone equalizer equalizes each tone separately. In this paper, the performance and complexity of this technique is investigated and compared with that of other TEQs. Furthermore, the behavior of this technique in different simulation conditions, such as over different standard CSA loops and in the presence of additive white Gaussian noise with variable power spectral density level and near end crosstalk (NEXT), is studied and compared with that of other TEQs. Simulation results show that Per Tone has a reduced sensitivity to synchronization delay and a much better performance compared to other conventional DMT equalizer design algorithms.