Evaluation of Quality Index of A-356 Aluminum Alloy by Microstructural Analysis


Department of Materials Science and Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


In this paper, the effect of morphology, size and volume fraction of the most important microstructural constituents of cast A356 aluminum alloy on its main mechanical properties has been studied. The investigated variables consist of Dendrite Arm Spacing (DAS) of \alpha aluminum phases, spheroicity of silicon particles in eutectic areas and 2-D micro porosity areas. The variations of Quality Index (Qi) with DAS and spheroicity of eutectic silicon particles follow a linear relationship. For the micro-porosity area of a polished section of the studied samples, two linear relationships were found, one for values less than 1.25% and another for higher values. As the basis for a quantitative analysis of the microstructure, some relationships have been proposed to estimate the quality index, which is, for the most part, a compromising result of three mentioned components of the microstructure.