Application of the Pitzer and the MSA-Based Models in Predicting the Activity and the Osmotic Coefficients of Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions


Department of Chemical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


The GV-MSA, the BMCSL-MSA and the Pitzer models were used to correlate the individual, the mean ionic activity coefficients and the osmotic coefficients of symmetric and asymmetric electrolyte solutions. In order to compare the results obtained from the GV-MSA with those obtained from the Pitzer and the BMCSL-MSA models, the same experimental data and the same minimization procedure were used and the new sets of parameters for the BMCSL-MSA and the Pitzer models were also reported. The values for the osmotic coefficients of electrolyte solutions were calculated directly using the values of the mean ionic activity coefficients obtained from the models studied in this work. The results for the individual and the mean ionic activity coefficients, as well as the osmotic coefficients up to saturation concentration obtained from the GV-MSA model, compared with those of the BMCSL-MSA, the Pitzer and the Khoshkbarchi-Vera models.