Optimization of Higher Order Pulse Shapers Used for Reduction of Noise in Amplifier Circuits


Department of Electrical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


Active components in amplifiers generate noise. Thus, amplifiers too, produce noise at their output and, therefore, increase the input signal to noise ratio. This is an undesirable feature, more particularly when one is dealing with weak input signals already combined with noise. Thus, reducing amplifiers' noise becomes a necessity for some applications. To overcome this problem, one approach consists of improving electronic device technology. Another approach is the use of advanced techniques in designing low noise amplifiers by taking advantage of pulse shapers. Pulse shapers generally consist of calculated filters made of integrator(s) and differentiator(s) that limit properly the amplifier bandwidth and, thereby, limit noise through the amplifier. In this study, the effect of variations of parameters of a single differentiator dual integrator pulse shaper on the reduction of noise in an amplifier circuit is investigated and their corresponding values are found for an optimal design.