Repair-Based Design of Composite Structures: Scarf Repair

Document Type : Article


Aerospace Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Street, Tehran Iran PO Box: 11365-11155


Satisfying Design Limit Load for scarfed laminate and Design Ultimate Load for repaired laminate are required for certifying adhesively bonded repair. These regulations in association with contradictory influence of scarf angle on DLL and DUL makes the certification of a scarf repair a sophisticated procedure. Current study is dedicated to obtain ultimate strength of quasi-isotropic pristine laminates and their scarf joints with the aim of investigating the effect of scarf repair performance of a laminate on its design considerations using FEM. The results showed scarf joint strength is substantially affected by the way plies shuffle in quasi-isotropic laminates. Following the conventional design guideline to stack plies of composite laminate cannot favorably affect the strength of scarf joint of that laminate. Considering the scarf repair efficiency as one of the principles to design a laminate provides the opportunity for satisfying DUL and DLL, enhance the probability of approval of a scarf repair.


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