Contouring error prediction and optimization of stone relief for robotic milling

Document Type : Article


- National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Intelligent Manufacturing Technology of Brittle Material Products, Huaqiao University, Xiamen 361021, China - Institute of Manufacturing Engineering, Huaqiao University, Xiamen 361021, China


Contour error is one of the important measure of stone reliefs products quality, the choose of processing parameters has important impact on the products’ contour error in the process of mechanical arm milling, especially in the process of milling , reasonable setting of process parameters is an essential link in the processing of white marble because of the hard brittleness and natural crystal defects in white marble. In this paper, several types of typical processing characteristics in stone Chinese relief were studied, and the influence of spindle speed, feed speed, milling width and milling depth on the contour error is mainly studied. The process parameters are optimized while the contour error was taken as the response target. At the first, the paper describes the stone relief machining process of the manipulator, and gives the classification basis of different machining features. And then, carry out a series of white marble milling experiments based on Box-Behnken design method , and the multiple nonlinear regression model of contour error for different processing characteristics is established. The influence of the interaction of various factors on the contour error is analyzed through the RSM. Finally, the optimal milling parameters are selected and verified by experiments.


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