Numerical Study on the behavior of a biphasic temperature-sensitive hydrogel twisting actuator

Document Type : Article


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran


This research investigates the twisting behavior of a multi-layered hydrogel-based actuator comprised of two temperature-sensitive hydrogel layers and one elastomeric layer as the main core in different aspects due to temperature changes. Firstly, a suitable model is implemented for the temperature-sensitive hydrogel in the ABAQUS software using the UHYPER subroutine. Then, twisting behavior of the actuator due to temperature changes is simulated, and the twisting angle and reaction torque are obtained for the actuators. A comprehensive parameter study is conducted to investigate the effect of different material and geometric parameters on the performance of the actuator. These parameters include the cross-linking density of the hydrogel, the volumetric percentage of the hydrogel, the geometry of the interface line of the layers, and the aspect ratio (cross-section dimensions) of the actuator. The results identify the actuators with the maximum twisting angle and maximum reaction. In brief, the reaction torque generated at the ends of the twisting actuator is the maximum for the case where the interface line passes through the corners of the actuator cross-section. The results also show that for the maximum twisting angle of the studied actuator, the so-called interface line should not pass through the actuator corners.


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