The Design of Multi Band Antenna with Improved Higher order mode Radiation Using CMA for L5-band, L1-band, and S-band Application

Document Type : Article


Department of ECE, Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India-302017


A novel multi-band antenna with an improved higher-order mode radiation pattern based on characteristic mode analysis (CMA) is presented. The tri-band characteristic is achieved by exciting one higher-order mode and two orthogonal modes. The initial orthogonal mode is achieved by converting the antenna from a circular to an elliptical shape. Surface current reshaping transforms the higher-order conical radiation pattern mode into a broadside direction. The surface current nulls with out-of-phase are moved toward the patch corners using CMA. Characteristic modes excite with coaxial feed, which uses full-wave EM simulation. It excites two orthogonal modes at 1176 MHz, 1575 MHz for L5-band and L1-band applications respectively, and one higher-order mode at 2500 MHz for S-band applications. The proposed antenna has moderate gain and broadside radiation patterns across the operational frequency bands. The working of the antenna and validation are represented by equivalent circuit modeling. The experimental results present excellent agreement with EM simulated results.


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