Design and implementation of class-E resonant inverter controlled by FM-PDM-based FLC for induction heating system

Document Type : Article


Department of Electrical Engineering, Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty, Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, 10200, Balıkesir, Turkey


The metal hydride tube used to store the hydrogen needs to be heated to remove the moisture inside and allow the hydrogen to flow out in it. Instead of conventional heating methods, the induction heating method is used to heat the metal hydride tube in this study. Class-E inverter constitutes the power stage of the system because of its simple structure, easy applicability, and low cost. The power switch of the inverter is driven with hybrid control, in which FM and PDM techniques are used together. Thus, the situations where one of the techniques is more advantageous than the other are utilized. Moreover, the positive aspects of each technique are highlighted. FLC, which is independent of changing system parameters, carries out the power control of the inverter. A prototype of 232 W system consisting of the power and control circuit is established to verify the theoretical analysis and functionality of the hybrid control. To fix the tube temperature to the reference temperature of 250 °C, the system is controlled in a closed-loop with FM-PDM-based FLC in the switching frequency range of 25-35 kHz. Highly efficient power control is carried out with FM-PDM-based FLC in a wide range.


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