Techno-economic analysis of a municipal wastewater treatment plant: A comparison among SBR, MLE & A2O Processes

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Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, I.R. Iran


Sequencing batch reactor (SBR), modified Ludzak Ettinger (MLE), and anaerobic/anoxic/aerobic (A2O), were modeled and simulated using the data of the Konarak-Iran wastewater treatment plant. GPS-X and CapdetWorks software were used for technical and economic evaluation, respectively. The cost of MLE treatment per cubic meter of effluent with a flow rate of 900 cubic meters per day was $ 0.96 per cubic meter, which was 36.4% and 12.5% lower than SBR and A2O, respectively. The removal efficiency of pollutants using the A2O method was above 90%, which has the best efficiency compared to the other two methods. However, since the quality of the effluent is also met by the MLE method, the choice of the same method can be desirable. Therefore, modeling and technical and economic simulation of wastewater treatment to perform comparisons between different methods lead to better engineering decisions based on the cost and quality of effluent.


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