Effect of Variable Heat Source and Gravity Variance on the Convection in Porous Layer with Temperature-Dependent Viscosity

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1 Department of Mathematics, School of Applied Sciences, REVA University, Bangalore, India

2 Department of mathematics, RV Institute of Technology and Management, Bangalore, India

3 Research Scholar, School of Applied Sciences, REVA University, Bangalore, India

4 Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University of 20 Aout 1955-Skikda

5 Faculty of Mathematics, University of Technology and Applied Sciences –Ibri, Sultanate of Oman


The joint influence of variable heat source pattern and temperature-reliant viscosity on the onset of convective motion in porous bed in the presence of gravity variance have been investigated. The linear analysis is performed using normal mode analysis and the Galerkin technique is applied to analyze the impact of variable heating and changeable gravity field on the behaviour of system stability. The exponential temperature dependent viscosity is considered. We examined three different types of heat source and gravity variance function combinations: Convection is accelerated by increases in viscosity and the gravity variance parameter, but decelerated by increases in the heat source strength. It has been shown that the configuration is more stable when the gravity variance and heat source functions are combined in instance (ii), but less stable when they are combined in case (iii).


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