A fuzzy logic-entropy weight method for comprehensive impact evaluations of hydropower stations

Document Type : Article


Faculty of Water Resources Engineering, Shenyang Agricultural University; 110000,Shenyang, Liaoning, P.R China


The operation and management of hydropower stations significantly influence the hydrodynamic and water quality conditions, which in turn exert large impacts on the environment and ecology. In this paper, a novel fuzzy logic-EWM (Entropy Weight Method) approach is proposed to perform comprehensive impact evaluations. Based on the natural and humanistic conditions of the Taizi River Basin, four criterion layers of economy, ecology, society, and management are determined. The fuzzy evaluation method is used to calculate the weight of the criterion layer, and each index under the criterion layer is determined. Further, the entropy weight model is used to calculate the weight of each index, which is compared with the weight of each indicator, as obtained by experts. The results showed that the subjective and objective results were consistent; the method accuracy was also acceptable. The study provided a new promising tool for fast comprehensive evaluations of the impacts of hydropower stations, and the evaluation case studies can provide experience for the comprehensive impact evaluation of hydropower stations in coastal regions.


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