Multi-Agent Enterprise Resource Planning Production Control (MAERPPC) Methodology Based on Personnel Health Monitoring

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Department of Mechanical Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, No.7, Pardis Ave., Mollasadra St., 1991943344, Tehran, Iran


This study presents a novel production control methodology using a multi-agent enterprise resource planning (MAERP) system that employs ERP modules as software agents for achieving enterprise-wide integration. Consequently, ERP is transformed from a decision-supporting system to a decision-making system. Based on a new data exchange framework developed in this study, five ERP modules, including health & safety and environment, human resource management, inventory control (WIP & BOM), quality control, and maintenance, are integrated as autonomous software agents. This method employs a wearable data monitoring device and proposes a new prototype of wireless health monitoring for production system operators and personnel, however, it can also be utilized for the entire enterprise. The proposed methodology involves monitoring, analyzing, and evaluating the performance of each work shift against real-time personnel health status data and their location on the production system’s shop floor. This paper describes how the presented methodology (termed MAERPPC) integrates commercially available enterprise resource planning systems using multi-agent production control systems and existing information technology. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the proposed methodology considers the health status of personnel in different work shifts and its impact on the productivity and performance of the production system.


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