Experimental Study on the effect of high power ultrasonic on the mechanical properties of concrete

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Department of Acoustics and Sound Engineering, IRIB University, P.O. Box 1986916511, Tehran, I.R. Iran


High compressive strength concrete is desirable in the construction industry. The valuable effect of high-power ultrasonic in the manufacturing industries is the motivation of this research in the construction industry. For this purpose, high-power ultrasound was employed to increase the compressive strength of concrete. Also, the effect of these waves on the water absorption of concrete has been studied. Ultrasonic waves were tested in two modes, one independently and the other in combination with the conventional concrete compaction method. The results did not show a significant change in the improvement of mechanical properties of concrete when using ultrasonic waves independently. However, in combination with the conventional method, the effect of waves on improving mechanical properties was significant. In this way, the results showed a 12.5 % reduction in water absorption for cubic samples and illustrate a 15.5 % for cylindrical samples. Furthermore, the results showed that the use of ultrasonic waves as an auxiliary process in the conventional method of concrete compaction increases by 12.5% and 15% in the compressive strength of cubic and cylindrical specimens, respectively. The results showed that high-power ultrasonic waves have great potential to be added to 3D concrete printer accessories for further research.


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