Determination of the pollution control flow for drought management in a multi-reservoir system


Department of Civil Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Kocaeli University, Kocaeli, Turkey.


The pollution, changing according to various standards, is directly proportional to water quality in rivers. In this study, data and restrictions prescribed for standards of water quality such as Turkish Standards Institute (TSI), European Commission (EC), and the World Health Organization (WHO) were used to determine water pollution. For this purpose, correlation analysis was made to identify strong relationships between data. Regression analysis and Arti cial Neural Networks (ANN) models are developed based on these standards by data obtained from correlation analysis. The Lower Sakarya River is selected as application area, and measurement of the water quality values of this river is used in these models. Pollution control flows in the river are obtained by the ANN models and regression analysis. The obtained results are compared with regard to these standards.