Performance evaluation of modified tuned liquid dampers for seismic response control of nonlinear benchmark buildings

Document Type : Article


Department of Civil Engineering, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran


In this study, the performance of modified tuned liquid dampers (MTLD) is evaluated to control the seismic response of 9 and 20-story nonlinear benchmark buildings. MTLD is a type of tuned liquid damper (TLD) that is equipped with a rotational spring at the base and thus experiences both horizontal and rotational motion with structural vibration. The equations obtained by shallow water wave theory are used to describe the water sloshing in the MTLD tank. The optimal design of main MTLD parameters such as dimensionless rotational stiffness, mass and frequency ratio, and the tank distance from the top of the structure are investigated. In addition, the effects of far-field and near-field earthquakes on MTLD performance are discussed and compared with the performance of TLD in detail. The results show that MTLD is somewhat more efficient than TLD both in reducing seismic response and reducing structural damage caused by nonlinear behavior of the structures.


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