Performance evaluation of curved welded flange-plate beam-to-column connections


Department of Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, P.O. Box 11155-8639, Iran.


In this paper, curved welded flange-plate beam-to-column connections are introduced and investigated analytically. The connection is comprised of two curved flange-plates installed on beam flange to transfer bending moment and two web angles for transmission of shear forces. Theoretical relationships are established for initial sti ness, ultimate moment, and ultimate rotation to be used for calibration of a bilinear model of moment-rotation. Furthermore, nite element analyses are conducted on eighteen specimens designed based upon the results of theoretical study. Analyses are in good agreement with theories verifying modeling procedure. Block shear rupture, tension rupture, and formation of three plastic hinges in semi-circular portion of the flange-plate are identi ed as the major failure modes. The failure due to formation of three plastic hinges in the flange-plate is suggested to govern the connection design, which leads to a ductile behavior. As a result, a flow chart is suggested to design the proposed connection.