Alumina-PEBA/PSf Multilayer composite membranes for CO2 separation: Experimental and molecular simulation studies

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- Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran - Nanostructured Materials Research Center, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran


In this research, Polyether block amide (PEBA) containing different loadings of α-Al2O3 particles was deposited on top of the polysulfone (PSf ) supports to form PEBA 1657‒α-Al2O3/PSf multilayer composite mixed matrix membranes (MCMMMs). Multilayer Composite structure was used to overcome the sedimentation of fillers in the polymer matrix. Moreover, alpha phase of the Al2O3 particles was applied to improve the distribution of these particles at higher loadings. SEM, XRD, and FTIR tests were applied to study morphology, crystalline structure, and chemical structure of the membranes, respectively. Gas permeation properties of the membranes were also measured using three different pure gases (CO2, CH4, and N2) at the pressure of 7 bar and temperature of 25 ºC. CO2 permeance and ideal selectivity of CO2/CH4, and CO2/N2 for the optimum MCMMM with 20 wt% loading of α-Al2O3 particles were 25% (117.5 Barrer), 81.5 % (32), and 86.5% (57) higher than that of multilayer composite neat membrane (MCNM), respectively. The molecular simulation results confirmed the results of the experimental studies and approved that the α-Al2O3 particles are right candidates for improving the PEBA performance for CO2 separation.


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