A Novel Image Encryption using Improved Chaotic Maps and Multiple Encryption Tables

Document Type : Research Note


Bandirma University - Engineering Faculty, Department of Computer Engineering


This paper proposes a new symmetric cryptographic system using chaotic systems. The basic idea is that a random strand is generated from chaotic functions. The developed random strand is merged with the strand obtained from the original image. The researcher used tables called multiple encryption tables in the composition of these strands. These tables are produced according to a specific pattern. The strand combination algorithm randomly selects a table from a set of tables and performs the combination operation. This table will be replaced with another table under certain conditions. The diversity of tables and their dynamic selection in the integration operation will increase the resistance to attacks and threats and increase the proposed encryption system's efficiency. To prove the proposed system's efficiency, the obtained results have been evaluated by various tests such as entropy, correlation coefficient, and pixel change rate. Our results show that the proposed cryptographic system is cost-efficient, practical, and resistant, yet further research is required to make a final statement about its competence.