Performance evaluation of a kalina cycle using a novel extended thermodynamic analysis

Document Type : Article


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Center of Computational Energy, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran


This research presents a novel extended thermodynamic analysis method which helps to answer the question that, the improvement of which equipment in a thermodynamic cycle is in priority. This novel analysis has 3 parts including extended energy, extended entropy, and extended exergy analyses. As a case study, a low-temperature geothermal Kalina cycle system-34 was analyzed. The results were compared with the outcomes of conventional and advanced exergy analyses. Conventional exergy analysis indicated that the condenser, evaporator, and turbine have the largest exergy destruction, respectively while according to advanced exergy analysis, condenser, turbine, and LTR have the highest priority for improvement, respectively. The improvement priority using the presented novel extended analysis was also given to condenser, turbine, and LTR, respectively which is the same as the results of advanced exergy while the presented novel method is less complicated compared to the advanced exergy analysis.


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