Theoretical study of two-dimensional unsteady Maxwell fluid flow over a vertical Riga plate under radiation effects

Document Type : Article


1 Department of Mathematics, Quaid-I-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan

2 Department of Mathematics, Riphah International University, Faisalabad Campus, Faisalabad, 38000 Pakistan


The heat and mass transfer mechanism has gained importance in technical, industrial, and engineering processes due to the application of thermal radiation in nanomaterials with improved thermal properties. The nanomaterials with improved thermal characteristics can be utilized in the formulation of energy to expand the industrial growth of countries. The effects of thermal radiation on the rate-type fluid passing through a Riga plate are examined in this article. The influence of thermophoresis and Brownian motion also have significant importance. The mathematical explanation of the problem is elaborated with the help of partial differential equations. The coupled nonlinear form of ordinary differential equations is achieved via the appropriate methodology of similarity variables. Utilizing suitable MATLAB software, we have achieved numerical solutions for simplified nonlinear equations. The physical parameters have exceptional impacts on the behavior of velocity, temperature, and concentration fields which are explained with the help of graphs. From this study, it is concluded that the Deborah number has an increasing effect on the pattern of fluid velocity. The rising values of the Prandtl number decline the temperature profile while the higher values of the radiation parameter escalate the temperature profile.


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