Research on semi-random track irregularity of straddle type monorail

Document Type : Article


School of Mechanotronics and Vehicle Engineering, Chongqing Jiaotong University, No. 66, Xuefu Road, Nan an District, Chongqing, 400074, China


The dynamic performance of straddle monorail train is closely related to the track irregularity. However, there is little research on the track irregularity of straddle monorail , and its semi-random particularity makes it impossible to use the existing track spectrum. In this paper, the irregularity of the running surface of PC beam of monorail is measured, the elevation map is drawn, and the expression of the random irregularity of the track is obtained; the irregularity of finger-band and the deflection of PC beam under dead load are studied; a method is proposed to descript the track irregularity for straddle type monorail, the running surface of straddle monorail is reconstructed, and the correctness is verified by comparing with the test.


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